Firefighter of the week “Kevin Shephard”

Kevin Shephard
Grew up in the fire service his dad was a firefighter, joined the fire department at 18 lynbrook Long Island. Year and 1/2 Later joined army in Vietnam. Went to Community College majoring in criminal justice to be a NYC firefighter, job with NYPD. Joined East Quogue fire department after 3 years became a LT 3 years after became a captain 14 years with that department lynbrook fire 7 years. Moved to Greenwich and joined Greenwich fire department was assistant chief for 4 years chief 2 years, 10 years with Greenwich became a fire investor. 4 weeks at academy then became a NYS fire investigator and Washington county bureau of fire 23 years fire investigator. Followed his father’s footsteps and wanted to be chief of his department. One day he wanted to be a heir to make his father proud. while with Greenwich he realized they didn’t have a fire prevention program and they developed an outstanding program. Went on to win NYS fire prevention award in 1999 since then continue the program and it is growing. Mainly focus on children in the fire prevention program. Over the years he has attracted people in the fire service because of the exposure to the fire prevention program. Joined MacBoston in 1993 27 years ago he was a founding father along. With 25 cross members between career and volunteers firefighters. In honor of fallen firefighters in the line of duty. It is still very active in keeping the memory of those people alive. Been with Greenwich fire for about 28 years and a total of 52 years in the fire service all together.

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